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Torrefazione Gennaro Packaging Story

As my first official freelance project, Torrefazione Gennaro hired me to craft the packaging story that would appear on the back of each of their coffee bags.


Mona Mauve Blog Post

I had the amazing opportunity to help write Mona Mauve's first blog post, How to Get Started Selling Your Art, which was added to her new website.


Poem - A Tree's Bark

An original poem written under the guidelines for a Blackcat Poetry submission - 20-lines, tree themed. 

Tree Texture

Clementine Magazine Issue 02

My first publication - An original poem created based on the theme of Touch. Featured in a Hudson Valley, NY based magazine, Clementine Magazine Issue 02.


Poem - Sauvignon Blanc

An original poem stemming from an uninspiring evening. This takes the reader through the real-time back and forth I had between a lack of creativity and the urge to write.

White Wine

Poem - Embodied

An original poem inspired by an Airbnb stay in Schenectady, Ny.

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