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Introduction to MK Freelance

Hi there! I’m Meghan, owner and primary writer for MK Freelance. I’m a twenty-something-year-old living in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York. I have a deep love for spending time in nature, making friends at local coffee shops, shopping at local small businesses, experimenting with cooking, and all forms of writing.

Above all, however, I have a passion for helping people.

My writing career began in my freshman year of college when I took my first creative writing course. Since then, I’ve experienced a variety of writing forms, positions, and interests: creating my blog, Blossoming Daily, writing original articles as a contributor for college student-run websites, interning with my college to manage their social media accounts, managing my college’s chapter of A Moment of Magic Foundation by coordinating visits and events via email and social media, creating unique incentives and social media posts for the internal teams of high-end retail companies, contributing to a quarterly internal newsletter and magazine for a high-end retail company, founding and managing multiple aspects of different types of businesses (including MK Freelance), creating and learning about social media ads and running successful campaigns to generate sales and drive traffic - just to name a few.

My inspiration for creating MK Freelance was someone like you. If you’re reading this, I assume you’re a small business owner or someone trying to grow their personal brand who wants to succeed and impact people. I’ve worked for large corporations and although the pay was admittedly decent, the environments and behind the scenes were, for the most part, quite toxic, executive-focused rather than people or customer-focused, and overall extremely disappointing. Once I realized this, these positions became increasingly less desirable for me, regardless of the income and benefits. I couldn’t stand clocking in every day, being a “yes” woman to everyone, being expected to ignore or set aside concerns because they weren’t coming from executives, and quite frankly obeying and conforming to the environment I was subjected to.

Around the end of my corporate days, I was spending more time in local coffee shops, as I worked remotely. I was becoming a regular at a few shops, had made friends with the owners, and had the privilege of seeing how hard they worked all day long. From fulfilling orders to managing employees to serving customers, all while maintaining a positive demeanor and attitude. And these were just tasks throughout a regular day IN the shop. This wasn’t including them managing their social media, creating advertising campaigns, networking, and other aspects outside of the 8:00a - 8:00p day-to-day. (Yes, those are the real hours of one of my local coffee shops!)

Once the opportunity for me to leave corporate life arose, I took the leap to start my freelance journey. I began a social media manager position under a company that outsourced independent contractors’ services to businesses looking for social media help. Many of these companies were brand-new businesses and it was an awesome feeling to contribute to the start-up of someone’s dream. Although this job was rewarding in itself, I couldn’t help but feel that I could do more.

I thought, “Okay, this company offers social media management services, but not much else. Small businesses probably need help with so much more than social media. What about website content and development, blog posts, newsletters, and online advertisements?” That’s when my entrepreneurial spark became a flame and I was determined to create my own business where I offer these services, specifically for small businesses and personal brands.

Unlike large businesses and corporations, small business owners may not have the resources to hire salaried employees to manage essential parts of their business like their websites, social media pages, and online advertisements. I wanted to provide my services as seamlessly as possible to make the life of small business owners easier and simpler. Thus, MK Freelance was born in January 2023!

My mission for MK Freelance is to be the small business go-to professional that you can trust to handle your writing and social media needs. Taking the tedious and time-consuming tasks off of your plate to help you focus on running your business is the main benefit of outsourcing this type of work. Plus, all of my services are customizable to fit your business needs! I’m here to make it easier for you, regardless of where you are in your small business journey.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about me and my business. I look forward to helping you achieve your business goals!

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