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Client Article (Mona Mauve): How to Get Started Selling Your Art

So you're interested in selling art online? Oh have I got some advice to share! 😤

I've been selling my art online full time and supporting myself for the past 2 years. I have over 7k sales and my revenue last year was about £30,000. I have over 55k followers on Instagram, where I create (what I think is) funny and engaging content that revolves around my artwork.

I didn't study art at all and I recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science! I never actually planned or expected to make art for a living, so not trying to be cliché by saying this, but I truly believe it's possible for anyone to do. 😸

I've received a handful of messages asking for advice or guidance on selling art online. I'm always happy to share what I've learnt throughout the years, so here are my top tips and strategies for selling artwork online!


In my experience, you don't need that much of an investment to start. Of course it depends on what type of art you're making, but in my case, I started with a cheap n old as hell graphic's tablet that I bought with my 16th birthday money. But hey, it got the job done! As long as you have the basic necessities to start, you can do this!

You can always upgrade your tools and workspace once you feel that you’re super invested and you’re making consistent sales. I upgraded my tablet and got my own printer once I started to see potential in what I was doing and started earning some money. There’s no rush to have all of the highest tech when you’re first starting out! I think that’s where a lot of people feel defeated before they even try.


My online presence through social media is a huge part of my success. People love to connect with small businesses and know who they are supporting. Many artists (understandably) dislike the idea of having to manage social media on top of their art making, but it can actually be super fun once you find your style of content and gather an audience of like-minded people.

When creating social media content, try to avoid only posting artwork. Of course you want to show off what you’re selling, but creating additional value such as entertainment or advice will keep your audience engaged and can attract new followers.

I suggest that the main content you should focus on is VIDEO. Let’s be 👉😎👉 reel, Instagram Reels and TikToks have absolutely taken over all of the algorithms. It’s totally feasible to use this to your advantage to make that one video that goes a bit viral and ends up bringing you several thousands of new followers! Heck, that's how I found my success, it was just a few videos that the algorithm seemed to like!

These days, it's easier than ever to get noticed. It took me several attempts to get the hang of what makes a good, entertaining reel. Don't get discouraged if your first ones don't perform well. Check out what others are doing to get inspiration, use trending music/sounds, and try to make content that encourages engagement.

Let me know in the comments if you'd like a separate article on social media and my advice on how to create good content!

Read the rest of the article on Mona's website!

*Final article was adjusted by client after delivery to include informalities.

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